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Argentine Primera División converted to Torneo

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has rebranded the country's premier soccer competition through an expanded partnership with the creators of Fan Tokens and Chiliz, the fan engagement platform Under the terms of the agreement, Primera División - the first association football league created outside the United Kingdom in 1891 - will [...]

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UFC On the Line: Trickle Down Effect Will Increase Betting Activity on UFC Vegas

The UFC and Draftkings have teamed up again to make it at stake as expert sportsbook experts have revealed this weekend's events will have a trickle down effect after a map similar to last weekend's Super Bowl. Nick Kalikas from FightOdds said that although the map last week was significantly larger than this weekend, the players [...]

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CBS: "Market Research is Required" for Affiliates Entering New Sectors

For betting affiliates looking to enter a new market, effective sector research to determine payment preferences and cultural differences is key, according to the team at CasinoBeats Summit. Speaking at the panel titled "New Pioneers of the Market" sponsored by the bet365 Affiliate Program, moderated by Ricardo Pinto, Director of Marketing, Darwin Gaming, Alison [...]

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TheScore of John Levy publishes third-quarter media revenue record

The third quarter of 2021 brought positive results for the sports betting and media business theScore. Speaking with BNN Bloomberg, John Levy, chairman and CEO of theScore, discussed the release of the latest financial results, which saw media revenues increase 5% from 2019 to $ 8.9 million in Q3 revenue. “From our point of view, it was [...]

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The Big Stage: an overview of the England tournament and predictions for the upcoming season

After an exciting few weeks of European football matches as UEFA Euro 2020 came to a tense conclusion at Wembley, The Big Stage from bettingexpert thought about the competition and made their predictions for the 2020/21 Premier League season. As two huge England fans, former national team player Wayne Bridge and [...]

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Betfred Boxing Show: Light Heavyweight Gets Traction As Arthur Continues Winning Streak

In the latest installment of Betfred Boxing, Anthony Kroll joined House McGuinness for a look back on the action this weekend, further fueling the domestic light heavyweight scene. On Saturday night, Lyndon Arthur defeated Davide Farachi, likely leading to a rematch with Anthony Yard, a battle that Kroll emphasized will be completely different [...]

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New Online Bitcoin Casinos

Advances in technology continue to reshape the online casino world with more attractive sites and more fun games. Bitcoin was a big part of this high tech revolution because online gambling and the original cryptocurrency followed ...

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Scott Benton MP praises the betting industry's contribution to the economy

As the UK retail betting industry is back on its feet, Scott Benton, MP, appeared in a recent Betting and Gambling Council (BGC) video promoting store openings. Speaking at William Hill in Blackpool, where he represents the Conservative Party's southern Blackpool district, Benton talked about the economic contribution of the betting industry [...]

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Sportradar: Data-Driven Solutions for Anti-Doping in Sport

Doping has become a global problem that has plagued sport in recent years, and analyst firm Sportradar has embarked on a data-driven approach to combat “more sophisticated” match-fixing methods. Sportradar uses a range of technological innovations and procedures to conduct anti-doping testing and monitoring with the aim of achieving three goals: Ensuring that [...]

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Betfred Challenge Cup final - thrilling fight in front of fans

Following the 2020 European Championship, Wembley is gearing up for yet another sporting showdown later this month when the Castleford Tigers and St Helens face off in the Betfred Challenge Cup final. Four-time Betfred Challenge Cup winner Adrian Morley met with Betfred's Lewis Smith to talk about the much anticipated clash in the capital, [...]

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