KSA Reveals Details of New Self-Exclusion Registry

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has released plans to set up a self-exclusion registry in line with the regulation of the online gambling market in the country.

The Central Gambling Exclusion Registry (Cruks) will allow players to voluntarily exclude themselves from participating in online games of chance in the Netherlands.

However, KSA-identified players may also be placed on the roster against their will.

During this process, someone close to the potentially dangerous client will submit a request to the KSA. The KSA stated that these requests can be made by a family member or employer, as well as by the operator.

In these cases of contacting a third party, the regulator will consider whether the request will prevent further financial, social or personal harm to the client.

Operators in the Netherlands must check if a player is registered with Cruks as of October 1, due to the launch of a regulated online marketplace.

All operators must also connect to Cruks so that if a player self-excludes, they cannot register with another Dutch operator for at least six months.