Fredrik Elmqvist from Yggdrasil: Our evolution is based on a unique approach

According to Fredrik Elmqvist , the company's CEO, as explained in a new document " What's up Ygg ?”, innovation has been at the center of the game company's journey Yggdrasil? podcast.

In the first episode, titled "King of Slots", he gave a deeper insight into how the company has grown and continues to improve the user experience and drive innovation in the gaming field.

The host of the new podcast is Stuart Darkin , director of new media at Square in the Air, as he and Elmqvist revealed that Yggdrasil originally intended to be a company that "did things differently" from others in the industry, emphasizing that he wanted to create a company that didn't just "imitate » other providers.

Instead, he detailed from the beginning the importance of innovation - something he believes helped define the overall vision that Yggdrasil now has.

“At that time, there was Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, etc.,” Elmquist said. “These were the leading companies in the industry. Everyone tried to make something that mimics those big names - no one tried to innovate from the start.

“So when I left NetEnt, I had the idea from the very beginning that we should act differently. We must work from the bottom up, innovating in terms of technology, user experience and promotional tools.

“It was tedious to build everything from scratch instead of copying big suppliers, but it also became the core essence of Yggdrasil as a company. It showed that we had these ambitions and they shaped the people who joined us in the early days.

“We showed this commitment to people who wanted to join the company, and some people, of course, were disappointed with it, because it required a lot of hard work. But then some people really liked this drive that we had. So we had a lot of momentum from the start, mostly because of how we defined ourselves as a company.”

When asked how Yggdrasil managed to "play the long game", Elmqvist noted that the methodical approach is fundamental.

“You have to think about running a hundred meters every day, but at the same time you need to think about a marathon,” he shared.

“You really need to have that sense of urgency and you need to have some understanding that certain things will take time. Over time, you need to mature, and then you can follow a more methodological process.

“There will be things that will need to be addressed right away – this is something that every manager needs to understand. Which hips can you apply a sense of urgency to? What can you work on over time?

“What I still like about the company is that it has evolved over the years and has become a much more resilient and diverse company than it was before. It has a different momentum and a completely different trajectory. I love seeing that Yggdrasil is still evolving.”

Looking forward to the rest of 2021, Elmqvist outlined Yggdrasil's plans to build a "more resilient and diversified business" by focusing on its corporate governance trajectory, its studio platform, and the decision to license its mechanical systems.

He said: “I think that we need to add another layer to what we are doing at the moment. With those at Bridgepoint in mind, I have a lot of respect for being able to take a company like Yggdrasil from where we were in terms of sustainability to where we are now. . Now we see the company take a big step forward and it's so exciting to be in the spotlight because we haven't necessarily done that before.

“In addition to the corporate governance trajectory, we have also moved from a number of fragmented studios located here and there to one studio with a core platform based in Poland. So we will focus on that, in our own roadmap.

“We will also focus on becoming a publisher where we can apply franchise models by allowing studios to develop things on our platform. We license or mechanical structures - that's something we'll touch on later in this series with some of the other members of our team - but it's just another trajectory in our company's development that will ultimately lead to a more sustainable and diversified business."

The new series titled “What is YGG” will consist of 10 episodes covering various topical issues, including game development, partner collaborations, player experience, game interaction mechanics, jackpots, the impact of the streamer community on the industry, and more.

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