Big stakes Balagan: the future of the sales industry

Big Betting Balagan Podcast discusses the future of sales and the role they play in the gambling industry.

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Dan Phillips , co-host of The Big Betting Balagan

Lee Richardson , co-host of The Big Betting Balagan

Vigne Kozacek , co-host of The Big Betting Balagan

Steve Schrier , general manager Sales Tribe Ltd

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Discussing his start in the games and gambling industry, Schrier explained, “I actually started out very entrepreneurial, but I started in the broadcast business and that took me to San Francisco where a lot of tech stuff was born. At one time, I did a lot of tech startup work. I lost some money and made some money, and so on. In general, I was very enterprising and did a lot to close deals, which helped me get on the path that I am on now.

“I also did a lot of telecommunications and a lot of mobile phone work which brought me into the gaming industry so my first foray into that was when we went to Malta and got some licenses and an operator license to run a mobile phone casino back in 2003 year. Apparently, this was four years before the release of the iPhone. It was a little difficult to download games in those days, so while I think we had a pretty good product, it was way ahead of its time.”

Discussing Schrier's debut book, Build Your Own Trading Tribe, Richardson noted that the text "fills a gap" in the market: I am. I wanted to know what it was about difficult sales, but I stumbled upon Hope Is Not Strategy by a guy named Rick Page. He was the first guy to analyze complex sales in a way that I could understand and make sense to me.

“About 2005, he came and put on a show and spoke around London 15 years ago, but before your book, no one else was doing 'how do you sell in this modern information age where speed is everything'? The complexity of complex sales was not like selling widgets - it was ideas, it was intellectual property, the ability or the ability to do something. So no doubt Rick Page's book was one of a kind at the time, but now it's clearly outdated."

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Learn from seasonal experts about the complex concept of selling in today's information age.

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