UFC On the Line: Trickle Down Effect Will Increase Betting Activity on UFC Vegas

UFC and Draftkings teamed up again to present on the line as expert sportsbook experts revealed that this weekend's events will have a trickle down effect after a card similar to last weekend's Super Bowl.

Nick Kalikas from FightOdds reported that despite the fact that the card last week was significantly larger than this weekend, players remain and are still looking to bet big on UFC Fight Night.

Rates are not surprising for Gianni the Greek , as the group said they believe it's human nature for players to want to repeat last weekend's hype.

Saturday's headliner will be Islam Makhachev, who is the clear favorite ahead of a clash with fellow prospect Thiago Moises.

While both panellists supported Makhachev, they showed that the line had shifted too quickly in favor of the Russian, but both added that if he moved up the ranks, they would continue to support him if he had the money.

In terms of Saturday night's value, the pair agreed that the fight, which ended in less than 4.5 rounds, was a worthy shoutout - Moises' best path to victory was the finish line.

Award-winning female fighter, Misha Tate, is returning as co-leader, Kalikas stressed how difficult it is to bet on her return after such a lengthy layoff.

Gianni added that due to the uncertainty, the betting market should have more upside potential.

UFC On the Line trickle-down effect designed to increase player engagement in UFC Vegas betting first appeared on GamblingTV.com.