The Big Stage: an overview of the England tournament and predictions for the upcoming season

Following an exciting few weeks of European football matches as the UEFA Euro 2020 came to a tense conclusion at Wembley, The Big Stage by bettingexpert thought about the competition and made their predictions for the 2020/21 Premier League season.

Like two huge England fans, former national team player Wayne Bridge and YouTube football commentator Rory Jennings, by understandably disappointed with the Three Lions penalty loss to Italy last Sunday.

“I think everyone was sad,” Bridge remarked. “At the end, wherever you were watching it, it kind of killed the vibe because we all thought it was happening.

“I think you just need to relax and look back at it and the guys really did well, but there was so much sadness after the game. We watched it at home and I couldn't watch them lift the trophy, no matter how proud I was of the boys and everything."

However, the duo admitted that they chose Italy as a "potential dark horse team" at the start of the tournament.

Bridge commented: "They are unbeatable, the cohesion of the team, the two centre-backs and the experience they have and they are like players and they are smart - they play, they defend as a team and they keep fit. They definitely have team spirit and their goalkeeper was fantastic. The way they qualified, everything stood out.”

Discussing the draw throughout the tournament, the presenter Joe Ryan noted that this is something all football bettors should consider when choosing an competition before asking Jennings what his opinion of England's chances were if their opponents were different.

“I think we proved in this tournament that we can beat anyone,” he replied. "I think we've proven that we can afford to give big teams and at some point, no matter what we've finished playing, people we're worried about England and saying we might potentially have to lose the game. so we didn't finish in the positions that someone from Group of Death played.

“We finished top of the group, played a team we should have been afraid of, and actually played them outside the park. It was an example of a master class in Southgate, he got the place that day. I don't think we have anything to be afraid of."

From a fan's perspective, Jennings was also positive about the return of fans to stadiums and stressed what it means for the sport and what it could mean for the upcoming season.

“This is a great thing, this is great news. For some, attending football matches is a kind of rite of passage. It's a very enjoyable activity and there are friendships that are made through football.

“I believe that the fans directly influence the result of the game. I don't think anything could have happened if the fans were around, and equally vice versa. The return of fans to the stadiums for the new season of the Premier League is the best news we could hope for, apart from the victory of England in the Euro, of course! »

Moving on to their predictions for next year's upcoming Premier League campaign, both Bridge and Jennings have backed Chelsea - perhaps with some bias as a former Blues player and lifelong supporter.

In the upcoming Bundesliga season the duo once again agreed with the clear winner, describing Bayern Munich as simply "too strong" for any other team to stand up to, including the opposing team." Borussia Dortmund after leaving Jadon Sancho and possible care Erling Haaland .

The duo finally found some differences when discussing the Spanish league, Jennings decided to support Atlético Madrid, to keep your La Liga title , although Bridge hoped that Messi's new contract with Barcelona could help them win back the trophy in two years.

Finally, Bridge offered a shocking forecast for Serie A - one that will bring a lot of payouts if the players see it to the end - relying on the fact that Roma José Mourinho will take a surprise victory in the tournament, while Jennings made a safer bet on Juventus. .

Source - bettingexpert YouTube channel

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