Star Sports: victory in Spain will bear fruit for bookmakers

It's no coincidence that England advanced to the semi-finals. European championship the first time in 25 years that a star striker Harry Kane has moved with the times, and bookmakers agree with this.

In the latest release Star Sports Trader Chat to Johnny Ward joined Flynn Howard, as the pair digested England's chances of reaching the Euro 2020 final and beating Denmark in the process.

“We are still favorites – England 6/4, Italy 23/10, Spain 11/4, Denmark 9/1,” Howard explained. “We have all the usual specials like a player of the tournament and Sterling is now the favorite at 7/2 and Kane is there at 9/1.

"Kane could be a valuable player if he puts on goal cleats next game and if we reach the final."

The England captain, who scored a brace against Ukraine and was literally on the verge of turning it into a hat-trick, was "true to his word ''," said Ward, who noted that most fans were "skeptical". configured ''. 'about his form and injuries before the tournament.

Meanwhile, Howard touched on France's shock exit and Belgium's exit into the hands of Italy, and how that has affected the ever-changing ante-post markets.

He continued: “France were the biggest losers for us but we actually also had a decent bet on Belgium and that was during their game when they ended up out of the game so France and Belgium coming out games, were the biggest losers. It was fantastic for an ante postbook and I was happy to see them get knocked out. Not only for England, but also for the book.

“Italy would have been a small loser for us and the only loser left in the betting book. Before the tournament, we had a chat with traders and I said that Italy turned out to be quite popular.”

Ahead of this evening's highly anticipated clash, Govan called Spain a "fantastic result" as they prepare to face Italy for a place in the final.

“With Spain we would have been up to the task because they were really unpopular with the players in the post-market ante. England will be a very, very small winner and Denmark will be a worthy winner, but then, as I said, Spain will be ours.”

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