Sportradar promises to provide UFDS with a free service to combat sports corruption

Sportradar decided to “keep investing in the future of sport” by offering its universal fraud detection system (UFDS) sports federations and leagues.

In a recent video, the sports data and analytics company detailed how UFDS works and how the organization works with its partners to "innovate to protect the integrity of sports events."

Operating since 2005, UFDS is offered free of charge to various sports federations and leagues around the world, using technologies to filter and analyze data from over 600 global betting operators and process over 7.5 billion data sets per day.

The system is used by 70 different sports organizations around the world, covering more than 60 sports and tracking 10,000 leagues and competitions annually, amounting to "more than half a million sporting events in total".

Sportradar elaborated: “Account-level betting data from 130 global operators processing more than 7 million tickets per day allows us to detect suspicious activity in both major and non-essential betting markets.

“However, not only advanced technologies make this system effective. Sportradar employs over 50 sports and betting experts from around the world who thoroughly research and evaluate betting schemes and ultimately report any suspicious activity to our partners.

“Over the past decade, over 5,000 matches across over 15 different sports have been flagged and reported to our partners as suspicious with our all-in-one fraud detection solution.”

As a result of the effective use of UFDS, Sportradar partners have achieved more than 400 sports sanctions and 50 successful convictions against individuals involved in sports, and the system has been used as evidence before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

The firm continued: “UFDS Sportradar is constantly evolving and improving. Significant investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This has led to developments such as: smarter alerts, learning from betting data that has been collected over the last 10+ years, customized alerts designed for different sports and for different levels of competition within a sport, and a machine learning to support automatic discovery. suspicious betting schemes.

“Match-fixing and betting fraud is on the rise, the global threat to sports is as high today as ever, and it requires a multifaceted, technology-driven approach to stay ahead of the curve.

“UFDS is constantly evolving as a betting monitoring solution to address these issues and ensure that more global sports can access the robust betting monitoring they need.”

Source: Sportradar YouTube channel.

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