Rank Group has a new Chief Compliance Officer from Betfred

Rank Group has appointed Betfred Chief Compliance Officer Adele Farrell as their new Chief Compliance Officer.

Farrell joined Betfred in June 2015 as Commercial Manager for the Gibraltar business, overseeing the negotiation, management and review of commercial agreements with third party vendors for the Betfred website.

In June 2016, she became Head of Business Digital Compliance and was promoted to Director of Digital Compliance in April 2018.

In this role, Farrell worked to ensure that digital businesses comply with the rules of the Gibraltar Gambling Commission and the UK Gambling Commission, and acted as the main contact person with both regulators.

A year later, Farrell was given additional responsibility for overseeing Betfred's retail business as well as its digital offering. He has worked with teams based in Gibraltar and Birchwood's office in Warrington.

She will begin her new position at Rank Group on June 1st, working from the Rank Group's office in Gibraltar.

In a post on Linkedin, Farrell said she is "very excited about this new challenge" and looks forward to meeting her new colleagues at Rank.

“Today is my last day at Betfred, although it is a large growing organization across multiple jurisdictions, it is very much like a family,” Farrell wrote.

“When the founder/chairman called me this morning to thank me and tell me that he will always be with me, then I know that I did the best job for him, his employees (my colleagues and friends) and our clients,” she added. .