PokerStars Encourages Players to 'Find Thrills in the Cold' with Alphonso Steele

PokerStars urged players to embrace downtime and "find the thrill in the cold" in their new action-packed ad featuring "Alphonso Steele".

The action takes place on the set. In the commercial, action star Alfonso Steele ends a busy day of filming, culminating in a jump from a high-rise building to avoid being chased by zombies.

Hitchhiking back to his trailer, the actor heads to PokerStars to enjoy his vacation and "make gold in between moments" by playing games like Book of Ra.

Steele remarks, “It may seem like I'm doing nothing, but I'm in the world of everything. Spinning, scooping, stacking - there's nothing wrong with my downtime. No, I just have incredible downtime, and when I... I'm in business."

Alfonso Steele's promotional video, the latest installment in a series of PokerStars movie-themed marketing initiatives, follows on from a previous campaign involving Hank Azaria from The Simpsons, who was involved in a poker game against several well-known Hollywood faces.

Azaria joined in the game series Amy Schumer , Jack Black , J.K. Simmons, Jason Alexander and Jon Hamm in a competition to raise funds for the Foundation Edward Charles .

Among additional entertainment-focused initiatives, the online casino group partnered with YouTube personality True Geordie, an entertainer supporting Newcastle United Football Club known for his outspoken views on football.

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