PGA Tour: Sports betting could expand golf's reach to more 'diverse' audiences

Celebrating the 100th episode of his longtime podcast, Legal Sports Report interrogated Scott Warfield from the PGA Tour about everything related to sports betting, interaction with fans and how betting can attract a new wide and wide audience.

Who is this?

Matt Brown , co-host of the LSR podcast

Adam Candy , LSR Managing Editor

Dustin Hooker, Head of Content, USA Catena Media

Scott Warfield, Vice President of Games, PGA Tour

What do they say?

Speaking about how his position on the PGA Tour came about, Warfield began: “It probably goes back to 2017 and 2018 when PASPA was defeated. I wasn't involved in making this on the Tour, but I came from Nascar where I was in a very similar role - it was brand new as of two or three years ago when the Supreme Court struck down PASPA.

“The leagues started thinking about how it should be staffed and on the Tour, a lot of people think about this space every day. They have a lot of leaders on how to do it right, but they ended up looking for someone to come and wake up every day thinking about it from sunrise to sunset.”

He continued: “The way the Tour thinks of this space is not too different from how we thought of it as Nascar, which is that there is legalized sports betting here and they are expanding across the country, and that is, first of all , the possibility of interaction. Think about what the current fan is doing - how to increase that and how to get the core fan to watch another 30 or 45 minutes or four or five more events over the course of a year?

“On top of that, how are you using legalized sports betting to be more relevant to a younger and more diverse audience? I think everyone is looking at the audience and the current media landscape of fragmentation going on and what may or may not have to do with a 25 year old non-fan who may not have five hours for a football game or four hours for a Nascar race or golf game, but may have 90 minutes on the phone for the last six holes of the tournament.”

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To learn more about how professional sports teams and leagues are integrating sports betting into their products and offerings.

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Source: Legal Sports Report YouTube channel.

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