Maxima Compliance Launches New DataVault Compliance Tool

Maxima Compliance has introduced a new proprietary multi-jurisdictional platform that gives operators the ability to stay compliant with local standards across multiple European markets.

Known as Maxima DataVault, the service allows operators and vendors to send raw XML or JSON data that Maxima adapts into the regulatory authority's required format for recording and storing gambling transactions.

Through a central client console, users can access up-to-date API documentation, transparent spending and billing, data transfer volume, and various usage reports.

The service will initially launch in regulated jurisdictions including the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Romania, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

In March, Maxima launched Maxima Quality Assurance to help vendors mitigate the risk of software or regulatory compliance issues and delays in game certification.

“Maxima DataVault is a state-of-the-art technology platform designed for all types of customers, from the small operator to the largest,” said Antonio Zangi, CEO of Maxima Compliance.

“99.8% guaranteed uptime, data consistency analytics, and a dedicated account management tech team, Maxima DataVault provides peace of mind in an area we know worries many operators,” Zangi added.