Legal Sports Report: Matt King steps down as CEO of FanDuel

General director FanDuel Matt King announced last week that he would leave his position in American sports betting sector Flutter Entertainment in ahead of the company's public listing.

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In the latest release Legal Sports Report The hosts discussed Matt King's departure and what this means for FanDuel and what the company can expect from its new CEO.

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Adam Candy , co-host, Legal Sports Report

Dustin Hooker , Head of Content, Legal Sports Report

Matt Brown , Managing Editor of Legal Sports Report

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Goker remarked, "Matt King is not the most visible person in the business, he doesn't mean he's invisible, but if you look at Jason Robins, he's on TV all the time and he's an active part of the brand. He started out as a CFO, he's not into sports betting, so maybe that makes sense in terms of moving forward.

“It's interesting, and it will be really interesting to see who FanDuel takes on this job, whether it's someone from the US, someone in Europe with some experience, someone from inside Flutter. It will be really interesting to see who gets the job.”

Brown added: “This should be a very welcome performance. Will it be someone from the financial world? Will it be someone who has experience in sports betting, gambling or casinos? Where do they draw from?

“Because it's an interesting evolving space and I don't think there's a perfect candidate for that because things keep evolving, especially when we say the real long-term end goal of it all is actually part of iCasino, so you want someone who is more focused on the casino side of things, so it will be really interesting to see who ends up taking advantage of that.”

Agreeing with Brown, Candy noted, "At the end of the day, this is iCasino, and if they're going to invite someone with experience, a lot more people have important online casino experience than when it comes to sports betting, and probably that would be the smart way.”

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To hear unique insights into the latest developments in the US sports betting and gambling industry, in particular the departure of FanDuel CEO Matt King.

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Source: Legal Sports Report YouTube channel.

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