IGT Provides A Preview Of "Money Mania At The Second Level With Fast Rewards"

Chief Operating Officer Gaming Nick Khin presents a summary of the latest progressive offer International Game Technology (IIGT) - Money Mania.

Launch with affiliate games Cleopatra and Pharaoh's Fortune , a $100,000 static max jackpot and an increasing high frequency second jackpot will appeal to many types of players.

Money Mania, complete with a brand new product range, will soon be released and will be the hallmark of any casino floor.

“Money Mania is all it takes for high-frequency wins,” he explained. “It was designed specifically to make the most of and promote this frequency. The maximum jackpot level is $100,000.

“But the secret of Money Mania?” Incredible fast growing second level jackpot. It was programmed to win per link daily starting at $4,000 with an average income of $8,000. The secondary progressive indicator shows increments across all participating games, so you can imagine how the progressive indicator will actually fly.

“The best thing is that IGT takes care of both wap-level jackpots – you read that right.”

Khin also introduced viewers to the aesthetic appeal of Money Mania, which will be launched on the new gaming machine.

He added: “Of course presentation matters. We are running Money Mania on our new case PeakSlant32 - the first on the market to offer three 32-inch screens. This package format, enhanced with a brand new product package, takes into account many of the findings about the pandemic that we have discussed with you.

“Our latest packaging, flexible to maximize footprint, is a real differentiator, it maintains visibility and is incredibly eye-catching.”

The IGT post is a preview of Money Mania's "quickly rewarding, growing second tier" that first appeared on GamblingTV.com.