HooYu launches new KYC service for the German gambling market

Know Your Customer (KYC) provider HooYu has unveiled a new KYC solution for the increasingly complex German gambling market.

This new development is based on the fact that HooYu received approval from the German KJM regulator earlier this year.

The provider has now added several new services to help gambling companies comply with the country's anti-money laundering regulations.

HooYu organizes identity checks created by Schufa, Germany's leading information and service partner for many industries, which was first established back in 1927.

Overall, the new service includes Schufa identity verification, KJM-approved facial biometrics and identity document verification, live agent and PEP video verification and sanctions watchlist verification, as well as payment card verifications.

The five services offered can be provided according to the different paths a customer may experience, such as registration, large deposit, fraud risk, and payouts.

Operators can optionally verify customer names, addresses, and dates of birth, and can check for fraudsters using the identity of deceased people, or discover related addresses when connected to Schufa's database verification.

The video identification service is a new offering that meets the requirements of BaFin, the German anti-money laundering authority.

David Pope, Chief Marketing Officer of HooYu, said: “HooYu is a KYC coordination and customer onboarding platform that not only helps operators build KYC processes, but also maximize customer onboarding success rates.

“German operators can now use a single HooYu API to call any or all of these services as part of their age control, fraud or anti-money laundering,” he added.