Groove Gaming: Industry Should Be Less Interested in Big Names

According to Yahale Meltzer , chief operating officer Groove Gaming, game operators, developers, and vendors must have a "specific target" in mind in order to create a "specific portfolio" for maximum performance.

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In conversation with Craig Davis , editor CasinoBeats , at the festival CasinoBeats Slots Fest in 2021, Meltzer discussed the company's foundations, approach, and Groove Gaming's ever-expanding slot portfolio.

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Yahale Meltzer, COO Groove Gaming

Craig Davis, Editor at CasinoBeats

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Meltzer explained, “We are very focused on customer optimization. Vendors often do their own promotion and they try to promote their games, but we also offer that and I think the added value here is that - and that's why we do trials - we really push game vendors to meet the customer's need. , and not just do something that he thinks will work, but actually listen to what the client wants, pushing game providers to create the right way for the operator.

“It's usually a lot more in-game tools so they don't need a lot of tech dictation or running around, but it's more about focusing on marketing and they don't have to allocate new resources and they don't. no need to get out of the way to get this promotion. It's something very appropriate, and we do very exclusive things with Groove very often because we go to vendors and say "we need it, why do we need it" or "let's do this" and "let's run a test". This is what the user needs. Do it."

He added: "It's a win-win situation because the game provider gets the information they need and it really helps them get value and money from the effort they've put in, but also they're really happy and it increases revenue. what everyone wants.”

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