GBGB: Greyhound racing 'benefits' from online betting operators

Advice on greyhound of uk (GBGB) is looking into the easing of lockdown measures in the UK and how the sport has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Dave Clark , host of Out of the Traps

Mark Moisley , commercial director GBGB

Paul Illingworth , Chief Steward GBGB

Annelise Thompson , coach from Nottingham

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Moisley explained: “It has been a tumultuous five months and a very stressful time. This is a very versatile job, covering all aspects of commercial activities within the organization and sport. Obviously there is a bit of frustration with the COVID restrictions and some of the work we have planned has been put on hold but hopefully they can be released over the next few weeks when the crowds are back.

“It allowed us to focus on other areas, which was good. One of the key points is the money coming into the sport through bookmakers. We looked at it and looked at those who didn't pay Levy. We have been working with BGRF and over the past three or four months they have been very successful in bringing in some key players in Levy that weren't there before, such as Tote, BetVictor, Betway, Virgin and Mansionbet. . »

He continued: "Part of my role is to build relationships with both new people who pay at Levy and existing people so that we can really capitalize on the opportunity that gives us because it's okay for them to pay at Levy, but what we want to see is how additional sponsorship funding comes in. So, we've had some really good conversations lately, especially with online betting companies that haven't lost any business with retail store closures and have actually been quite successful."

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To find out about the latest developments in the racing and betting industry and how the lifting of restrictions in the UK will help the sport grow.

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