FunFair Games: Multiplayer makes gambling even more fun

The multiplayer mechanic is a recent innovation in slots and is becoming more and more popular in this sector.

Speaking with James Ross from Slot Beats about the company's latest release, a multiplayer crash game AstroBoombers: To the Moon!, main Chief Operating Officer FunFair Games Lloyd Purser expressed his opinion on the role that multiplayer games will play in the future of slot machines and in the gambling industry in general. General.

AstroBoomers: To the Moon! Distributed through a non-standard RGS Matrix server. invites communities of players on an intergalactic adventure, offering prizes up to x2,500 available to those who eject from the game rocket at the right time.

“I think it's really important for engagement and participation,” Purser began. “I have been developing and selling games for several years and slot machines are great and will always have their place.

“There are some amazing games coming out, but there's a huge difference between pressing a button and having a game tell you when you've won or lost, and actively deciding when you're going to cash out, what you're going to bet, and what you're going to do next. .

"Doing it with other people is a completely different experience and I think it's really important for the future of gambling and to bring more fun experiences to the gaming ecosystem."

Pursuer went on to talk about how cryptocurrencies have become a sweet spot for betting operators, as the emerging payment method allows companies to greatly expand their product reach.

He elaborated: “We think this will be a pleasant place for any operator that has players who are used to playing Bitcoin or Ethereum, as they are used to playing these types of games on different types of gaming platforms or casinos.

“We wanted to create a game that could be distributed as far and wide as possible and as quickly as possible, so that there were no restrictions on what types of currency can be used in this game, and in fact it is led by the operator.”

Source - YouTube sports betting community channel

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