DraftKings: Hawks and Bucks are perfect for tight fields in game two

NBA playoffs was at the center of the discussion during the last edition DraftKings 'Unreasonable Odds podcast, when to Steve Buchanan and Julian Adlow joined Joe Osborne from Odds Shark, while Tre Young continued his "extraordinary form".

The exciting season continues tonight as " Atlanta Hawks" hopes to increase its advantage over " Milwaukee Bucks" in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Looking ahead to tonight's mouth-watering showdown, Buchanan stressed, “The Hawks have just taken it to a whole new level, especially Trae Young. What we saw from Young was completely out of the ordinary here in the playoffs.

"The Bucks are 7.5 favorites in today's home game and need to win to equal this streak."

Continuing to analyze the trade for the game, Osborne added that he felt "that's too many points, like last time it was 8.5".

"I'm a stats-based handicap and if you look at all the key stats that came out of that playoff game, it was pretty much dead even though the Hawks were slightly ahead in a few key areas and I I think the Hawks played the tough competition that preceded this.

"I'll be on the Hawks at 7.5, look at the Bucks shooting in the playoffs and it's a steep drop, especially in threes."

Edlow echoed Buchanan's thrill of the Hawks, adding that "every time they seem to be over their heads, they always seem to pull it out."

However, he emphasized his belief that they had benefited from "coaching inadequacy on the court" and Osborne ardently agreed.

Discussing his choice for a draw, Adlow stated that at the moment he cannot return the bucks for the game even if he believes they will take it, however he likes them in the first quarter as he expects them to "come". ''. urgently ".

Ideal for a small profit in the second game, DraftKings: Hawks and Bucks message first appeared on GamblingTV.com.