DraftKings and UFC team up to create On The Line show ahead of McGregor vs. Poirier trilogy

As part of a flourishing relationship between the UFC and DraftKings Gianni the Greek ", Nick Calicus and Brendan Fitzgerald come together to participate in the betting office "On The Line" before UFC 264.

The show, available on UFC Fight Pass, is keeping bets on this weekend's epic event headlined by the Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor trilogy.

Gianni and Calicus underscored how significant the market moves this weekend, given the general crowd being drawn in by a week of fights involving the sport's biggest star, McGregor.

Both also detailed the market movement that will take place on Saturday as more casual fans get involved in betting and fight cards.

In addition, the show also addresses the vastly increased responsibility that surrounds McGregor's fight night, with an influx of fans pouring into the betting shops and supporting their man.

Alongside this, the group took a deeper dive into the options market provided by DraftKings, providing expert opinion and evaluating the shape and markets leading into the fray.

The show enriches the partnership between DraftKings and the UFC as the pair collaborate on an abundance of content throughout the fight week and during the live stream, which increases the show's bidding participation and promotes the operator's offering.

Content is available on UFC Fight Pass as part of the organization's extensive portfolio of shows and events.

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