CBS: "Market Research is Required" for Affiliates Entering New Sectors

According to a panel of experts at the CasinoBeats Summit, for betting industry affiliates wishing to enter a new market, effective sector research to determine payment preferences and cultural differences is key.

Speaking at a panel called "New Market Pioneers" sponsored by bet365 affiliates and moderated by Ricardo Pinto, Marketing Director, Darwin Gaming , Alison Brinkat , head of affiliates in branders , explained that companies must evaluate numerous dynamic factors when entering a new market.

“Marketing research is a must when you are completely starting out in a new country,” explains Alison Brinkat , Head of Affiliates Department, brands . “You look at the games that are the most popular in this market, the user experience, what actually does what the player wants?

“Which payment methods really matter? Not only the games that are very important, but the whole experience in general for those players that we are not specifically targeting for this market.”

Using India and the US as an example, Brinkat noticed that PayPal is a popular payment method in the former country, while UPI is more widely used in the latter.

“I believe that having a complete user experience and the most optimal user experience is a must if you want to be successful in the market,” she repeated.

Sharing Brinkat's point of view on the importance of understanding the popularity of payment systems, Marcos Oliveira , marketing director at Clever Advertising , added that, among other things, gaming preferences should also be taken into account.

“We do a lot of market research, and one of the keys is payment methods,” he began. “The first thing we need to do in the markets is to know how our customers can deposit and then how to find the games they like, it's a matter of culturally showing them the games you think they'll be most familiar with. ”

Oliveria also detailed which markets he believes hold significant potential for both affiliates and operators, explaining that Japan has been a "trick" over the past year, explaining that while the US is getting significant attention from the gaming industry, for affiliated companies is indeed the case. there are still too many complexities.”

Instead, he detailed his belief that markets in Africa and Eastern Europe could have potential, stating: “We remain very focused on our company in Africa. Thus, we are still actively developing business in 15-16 African countries, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Guinea, Senegal, Cameroon, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda are very developed markets.

“Ukraine with its new regulated market, people will move there and of course you will have the entire CIS block that has been developed over the past few years, for example Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Thus, the Eastern Bloc, along with Bulgaria and Romania, still remain untapped markets that we will focus on in the next few years.”

Also commenting on the Japanese market, Johan Styren , CEO and Founder DilantiMedia, praised the safe environment in this sector for companies, as well as the ability to develop trusting relationships with players.

He remarked, “In Japan, we have a very different situation where obviously the market is not fully regulated, but then again, the government has pretty much said that as long as you don't run anything from Japan, it's okay.

“Obviously as a partner you are even safer, but because it takes so much trust to win the trust of the players, we have to be very reliable, that's not a problem. This is how you build your market by being truthful.

“It's about a balanced view of operators. In many European countries you would just say "This operator is great, this one is good, this one is super good" but in Japan you really have to be honest and otherwise you won't be trusted, you might have to state something about operators are not okay, and operators are fine with that because they understand that it's all about building trust.”

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