BIA: Why local TV is the best advertising platform for US operators

Effective use of advertising and marketing is critical for all betting operators and as the US market continues to grow, the importance of using the right platforms is more important than ever.

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In a recent webinar published by BIA Advisory Services , four advertisers discussed the growing U.S. sports betting industry and how it can properly market its

advertising strategy.

Who is this?

Rick Ducey , Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services

Mark Fratric , Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, BIA Advisory Services

Justin LaPorte , VP of Local Audience Research, Nielsen

Heather Gundry , Senior Vice President, Local Investments and Media denstu

What do they say?

Providing an overview of the US betting space, Fratric said: “There are 10 states where you can do it (gamble) online as long as you are within that state, and there are more coming online soon. In Arizona, the legislature just passed it, the governor nominated the bill, and it's expected to be implemented, probably in the third quarter of this year."

Moving on to advertising, LaPorte added, “Using advertising information and thinking about all the dollars that are currently being spent on this category of online gambling products, the vast majority is spent on local TV. While this number is indeed high, what is really surprising is that almost 80% of gambling advertisements are placed on local sports television.

“As Mark pointed out regarding states that are doing legalization, it's not everywhere, and market after market, DMA after DMA, we expect online gambling to be broadcast on local TV. It's not just about the legislature, but on TV is a great place to get people to know about certain brands and also create a really good buzz."

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To get an idea of the different advertising verticals and platforms available to operators in the US and which ones perform best.

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Source - BIA Advisory Services

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