Betway engages fans with CS:GO Q&A

Sports betting operator betway continued his fan engagement marketing initiatives with a Q&A session with popular professional CS:GO players.

By asking players the painful-sounding question, "What do you do when you die?" in the game, for example, are there any teammates they would watch or interact with, most of the responses were focused on communication.

"I'll just flip through people, it's not anyone in particular," he said. AZR . “I just scroll, chat with people if they don’t chat. If someone is in a really good position and they can win a round, I will communicate, like ordering everyone else to freeze up.”

Fellow professional gamer apEX showed a similar approach, stating, “I switch places all the time, I watch them all. Sometimes we have communication problems and when I see that the conditions are really bad, I can help the teammates in communication.”

Bob Lynch , founder and president Sponsor United , called Betway the "top three" for esports products and content, establishing a strong position in the sector.

The operator has further strengthened its position in eSports by expanding its partnership with the Chinese team PSG.LGD football club Ligue 1 Paris Saint-Germain by Dota 2 as part of a wider cooperation as an official betting partner of the party.

In addition to esports, the firm is also backing a number of cricket deals, bringing in a former England international Kevin Petersen as a brand ambassador.

Source - betway esports YouTube channel

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