Bettingexpert: What makes the euro so special?

As the sports world looks forward to the long-awaited European Championship 2020 , bettingexpert provides detailed information about the tournament and participating teams.

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Joe Ryan from Bettingexpert tells two football fanatics - one former player and one vital football fan - about the upcoming Euros and the chances of different teams in this competition.

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Hosted by Joe Ryan, Bettingexpert

Speaker - Wayne Bridge , former left back of the England national football team.

Speaker - Rory Jennings , actor, youtuber and football fan.

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Discussing what the euro means to them, Bridge began: “The only thing that really stands out to me is 1996, when England did well and could have gone much further. The highlight for me was watching Gazza's bill and then celebrating the dental chair. Apparently the only other game that really stood out was the Germany game. We should have won, we had chances to win, but obviously it didn't happen."

Jennings added: “The big moments tend to come from underdogs if you look at the Greek side in Portugal, which completely messed up the Portuguese game. I think they beat them in the first game and then beat them again in the final. It was huge. I love this tournament and can't wait for it to start."

Turning to a discussion of the chances of various countries in this year's European competition, the speakers noted that England were "among the favorites for a change" at odds of 11/2.

When asked if England "holds all the aces", Bridge replied: "People talk about home and away and playing Wembley - it didn't bother me personally whether I played home or away, but some people might be affected, but I think you see more in the Premier League, internationally it doesn't really matter.

“For me, participating in the group stages at home is not a big deal. Players, even if they play in another country, will still participate in the game. We don't know if there will be fans there and how it will affect. So I don't think they have all the aces except the players."

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To get an idea of the odds for the upcoming 2020 European Championship and hear the views of two guest speakers passionate about the game, including the former Premier League and England player.

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