Betfred: Excitement for The Hundred - Beyond the Charts

With the new cricket tournament approaching "A hundred", organized by the England and Wales Cricket Commission, 100-ball competitions involving both men and women are on the rise.

Former England international and winner Cup Mira T20 Ryan Sidebottom joined betfred, to announce the tournament in a new format.

“I am very excited about this new brand and new concept,” Sidebottom explained. “A hundred is something completely new and unusual.

“I remember playing when T20 was about to be announced and there was a lot of skepticism and players asking, 'How is this going to go and what's going to happen?' It's all unknown, but now you see that T20 is a global brand. It's huge all over the world and growing in many countries that you wouldn't call cricket."

The tournament, which was supposed to start in 2020 before being postponed due to the pandemic, will be broadcast on Sky Sports with 18 games including both finals to be broadcast BBC at the same time .

He continued, “Now the 100 is gaining momentum and starting on Wednesday. Everyone is excited and social media is dropping off the charts.

“It was great because so many people were talking about this brand. Not everything was positive, but the proof is in the pudding and people are talking about it.

“You have amazing players – girls and boys. The women's game is growing all over the world and it's phenomenal. For the first time, this will be an opportunity for many women's game players who have never been shown on TV and should be so excited.

"You have England representatives, world-class cricketers, overseas players, young and talented players, so for me, not much can go wrong."

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