Betfred Boxing Show: Fightzone showcases British perspectives for sensational seven weeks

House McGuinness and Anthony Krolla returned for filming the last episode of Betfred's Boxing Show for an "eventful" podcast episode.

Looking at the night Fightzone Arena in Sheffield, Kroll praised Jack Massey performance in victory over the French Engin Karakaplan and won his 18th victory in 19 fights.

In the main event, we didn't know what to expect, but fair game, he really came to bring it," he explained. “He put a little pressure on Jack and asked a few questions that we picked up in the comments. In the next round, Jack found the last shot; "One Punch Jack" was just that and got a great right hand.

“Exciting times ahead for Jack Massey. I think the whole team is excited about where this journey is going.”

Elsewhere, Krolla named some of the upcoming talent showcased in Sheffield for the climax of the tournament and "a map full of prospects".

He added, "There were some great performances on the undercard - Rhys Edwards, which I highly appreciate. Zach Miller was very good and Ian Martell again was very impressive. He talked about a possible move to light heavyweight, and Dave Allen said it was absolutely impossible, but he made an impression.

"Mr. Harker, after his debut and a very ambitious debut, turned around and boxed very well to get on the winning path."

When debut of Hannah Baggaily was in doubt, Kroll also praised Hannu Rankin for taking the stage instead.

“Fair play to Hannah Rankin. What a girl for stepping in at the last minute. She played her part. Hannah Baggaily did well and she came to the fore but was not reckless and respected Hannah Rankin. It was as close to a professional fight as you can get.

“To see Hannah Rankin help in this way, she was a lot more experienced and didn't need to, but it's very helpful for a young fighter's career.

"Hannah Baggaily didn't get the debut she wanted, but she got the next best thing."

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