Betfred continues coverage of Euro 2020 as England enter dangerous showdown in Ukraine

Continuing to publicize Euro 2020 , operator Betfred published the post-match press conference last night Gareth Southgate along with the company's tournament diary.

Jubilant Southgate urged fans not to get carried away by excitement Euro 2020 after the Three Lions eliminated Germany from the tournament last night to reserve their place in the quarter-finals.

He also praised the performance of his team, who scored a 2-0 victory over the team Joachim Loew by scoring goals Raheem Sterling and captain Harry Kane.

“The players were huge all over the entire team,” he reflected. “I was here with a full house and I didn’t hear it anywhere near the levels the crowd found today – but they were behind every call, behind every time we hit the ball, and behind every run we had. There was incredible energy in the stadium.

"To be able to send them home like they do tonight and hear them at the end - you can't beat sweet Caroline, can you? It's really cool.

“To know that so many millions of people, after a difficult year at home, can enjoy the pleasure that I know we gave them is a special feeling.”

With Ukraine on the horizon - after beating Sweden 2-1 in the round of 16 - the Three Lions boss is firmly set on Saturday as England look to reach the semi-finals of the tournament.

He continued: “I really didn’t have to say this, but when we entered the dressing room, we were already talking about Saturday because it was a huge performance, but expensive – emotionally and physically – and we have to make sure we recover well.

“This is a dangerous moment for us. We will have such a warmth of success and a feeling across the country that we only have to show up to win, but we know it will be a huge challenge from now on.”

Reaching the semi-finals FIFA World Cup 2018 before Croatia broke England's hearts, Southgate insisted that the players use the experience in the weekend match.

“The players know this and they have been to the last stages before, so they know how difficult it is, so they are on their feet. They have to be confident in the way they play and in the way they perform, but we came here with intent and we haven't reached that yet."

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