ASA Reminds Bingo Operators of Marketing Responsibility

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has urged bingo brands to remember that their advertising and marketing materials will be subject to the same regulatory code as gambling operators.

In issuing a warning to bingo providers on June 24, the ASA stated that bingo will be treated as a wagering product and therefore must comply with the "Gambling" section of the code.

This code states that advertising must be socially responsible and must not depict, condone, or encourage gambling-related behavior that could result in financial, social, or emotional harm.

The ASA has stated that the bingo ad cannot be portrayed as an escape. Giving an example, he recalled the Rehab Bingo advertisement, which was banned by a regulatory body for suggesting that online bingo is a form of rehabilitation that can be used to solve personal problems.

He also warned operators that bingo should never be shown as a solution after an old Gala Bingo affiliate ad said "William has over £130,000". The ASA considered the advertisement to be socially irresponsible, as it suggested that gambling could solve financial problems.

In addition, the ASA stated that bingo advertisements should never be directed to anyone under 18 and that promotions should be properly labeled in marketing materials with the correct terms and conditions.