ANJ signs partnership agreement with OFDT

to prevent gambling addiction

French gambling regulator ANJ has signed a partnership agreement with the French Observatory on Drugs and Addictions (OFDT) to raise awareness of gambling-related risk behaviors and gambling-related harms.

The agreement focuses on preventing "excessive or pathological" gambling and protecting minors.

From there, the two organizations will develop an action plan that will provide a framework on which French FDJ and PMU license holders can base their commitment to provide the 0.002% of the shares received as research, education and treatment (RET) funding.

ANJ and OFDT will also exchange data regarding recreational players, as well as conduct joint research and studies on a regular basis.

In addition, they will share data and knowledge regarding addiction and addiction-related mechanisms, providing mutual support for research and dissemination of scientific publications on this topic.

The agreement also aims to define an action plan shared between ANJ and OFDT for the next two years, with a total duration of the agreement of three years.

“This action plan allows for work that is considered a priority to improve the effectiveness of gambling regulation and the sustainability of decisions made by the ANJ,” the regulator said in a statement.

ANJ may involve OFDT in its work and invite it to participate in its advisory committee for the prevention of excessive gambling.

The regulator may also be invited to participate in the OFDT College of Science on issues related to gambling and the addictive phenomena it causes.