'It's a farce' Ed Quigley urges racing to keep up with the times

Ardent Ed Quigley pleaded with British motor racing to keep up with the times and improve technology after the debacle because of the cameras and photo-processing capabilities in Sandown on this week.

Quigley has joined Shane Anderson and Vincent Finegan of irishracing.com in the latest edition of BettingExpert's Jump to It racing podcast, which analyzes all the latest sports news.

An enthusiastic Quigley commented on the issue, assessing the state of racing in the UK: “It's an absolute farce, it really is – these days, I mean, I couldn't believe it.

"Fair game to the BHA steward, Sean Parker, when he came out and kind of looked at the cameras, but you listen to the story and you know that 'the mirror was misaligned' and then they only had one print out on a grainy photo, there people running up and down the stairs, I mean when it was all built, Stonehenge days is like Antiques Roadshow meets Fawlty Towers.

“Don’t preach to the world that you want to be a trendsetter and a leader in your field, but run it like a class D delusional bunch. I mean, these are outdated messes, to be honest. .

"Now if anyone can quantify, come to me and say, 'Look, so you know, to fix this and improve a state-of-the-art digital photograph, whatever you do to update it,' it will cost absolutely.” millions; or it will take years to implement it, then there should be a long conversation about how they ended up getting to this point. But it's really a return to the Middle Ages just to listen to the absolute farce of what was going on there."

Anderson echoed his sentiment and echoed his calls for improved racing, adding "You use the term 'amateur' and I think you're right on the 100%."

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