Ed Pownall explores the "deposhification" of horse racing

Ed Pownall takes on the role of "Professor Pownall, horse racing image consultant" whose job it is to help horse racing "overcome the perception of the sport by the general public" in his latest skit about "deposhification" of horse racing. sport.

Last week, leading UK horse racing organizations formed a single 'Industry Pledge' as part of a pledge to increase diversity and inclusion in the sector and help it 'grow and prosper' in the future.

Pownall takes viewers back to earlier times when the sport was synonymous with the "higher echelons of society" in a short clip.

“There was a time when you had to be a retired Major with a double name to work in racing, but now, trust me and you, everything has changed,” he began. “Today, even people who retain the title of captain can get into the upper echelons of the horse racing industry.

“Racing is no more loved than a scoreboard and an abbreviation, which is why DIRSG, the Racing Diversity Management Group, was created. They will no doubt point the races in the right direction, so I'll leave that to DIRSG."

He added: "As a result, I created EPWANPTCTTR - encouraging people who are not posh to come to the racetrack."

Superimposed on archival footage, Pownall watched "top hats" and "knee-length skirts" at a fashion show in Royal Ascot , while the festival in Cheltenham it was a "green stripe" of tweed.

“The authorities kindly agreed with my idea to ban everyone at all racetracks throughout the year from wiping everything off the sheet,” he continued.

“Because Royal Ascot is so aggressive, they have agreed to ban crowds for two years in a row to make sure we start from scratch and get rid of all the lah-dee-da. It's not to say that Ascot didn't try doing something non-racing for regular people a couple of years ago, like fighting! »

However, he noted that "the iron fist of the old guard soon quelled the gathering momentum."

“Once the ban on mass traffic is lifted, all races will embrace the commendable cutting-edge, ahead of its time, pioneering racing 'depochification' formula adopted by Aintree Racecourse.

“Going forward, we will adhere to the concept of a strict dress code for men. It goes without saying that socks will be strictly prohibited, ties, of course, are prohibited, and shirts must be unbuttoned at least to the third button.

“Those with an ankle tag will be allowed free entry and there will be regular competitions for the best decorated ankle tag.

“So come to the races, wherever you come from, even if you didn’t go to boarding school, come to the races!”

Ed Pownall's post investigating the "de-poshification" of horse racing first appeared on GamblingTV.com.