The Netherlands Gambling Authority initiates a consultation on information sharing

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has initiated a month-long consultation on a draft policy aimed at establishing information sharing obligations for licensed Dutch operators.

Under the Dutch Remote Gaming Act, license holders are required to report "relevant changes, behaviors and events" to the KSA when they occur, however a specific list of events has not yet been specified.

Licensed operators must inform the regulator when it adds stakeholders and makes changes to its board of directors, external stakeholders or policy makers affiliated with the firm.

Licensees must inform KSA of any criminal charges, administrative fines, warnings, and any instances where an operator has been rejected or withdrawn by another jurisdiction or regulator in its license application.

Operators must also notify KSA of changes to their arrangements with the payment service providers used, as well as the mechanisms used to guarantee player funds.

Transfers of licensed activities to outside organizations for any reason or changes to current outsourcing agreements must also be reported to KSA.

Changes in the operator's interaction with the CRUKS self-exclusion database, internal oversight procedures, control databases, gaming systems and addiction prevention policies should likewise be reported to KSA.

According to the proposals, all changes must be reported to the regulatory body within two weeks of the change being made. However, all cases of "unforeseen and non-structural behavior and events" must be reported to KSA immediately.

These incidents include major disruptions or failures in the operator's IT systems, loss of player data, fraud, problems with payment transactions or player funds, and any incident where "the integrity of the games offered is at stake".

Licensees will be required to report all relevant facts as well as any mitigating measures used to limit damage resulting from an incident and any measures used to prevent recurrence in accordance with the new reporting criteria.

The KSA consultation on these draft policy proposals ends on 19 August.