Tomer Baumel: Lack of technology is the main barrier to conversion

Conversion plays a key role in the commercial strategies of all betting operators, and there are many ways to successfully achieve it, as well as various obstacles that stand in the way.

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In conversation with Andrew McCarron , managing director SBC , two seasoned conversion experts discussed day-to-day tactics that bidders can use to improve their strategies in a webinar called How to Increase Conversions - Day-to-Day Tactics That Really Work.

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Hosted by Andrew McCarron, Managing Director of SBC

Speaker - Tomer Baumel , general manager Solitics

Speaker - Emiliano Sanchez , Commercial Director, Mancala Gaming

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Baumel argued that a dynamic strategy is needed to ensure effective customer conversion, but went on to state that many companies face a technological barrier in trying to achieve this.

“There is a dynamic between the marketing teams within the organization and the product and R&D teams,” he began. “The marketing team has a lot of requirements, but they have to wait endlessly until they are met. From what we've seen so far, these organizations' lack of technology is the biggest hurdle they have."

He added: “Collecting data from all data sources is difficult. You have an interface, you have a server side - also you have different platforms, such as sports betting, casinos and other products, CRM, bonus mechanisms - and you need to somehow connect everything in real time, and manage everything these strategies at the same time, which is difficult. Marketing knows what it is trying to achieve, but there is a technology barrier that organizations cannot overcome.”

Instead, Sanchez focused on the importance of identifying the source of traffic and highlighted differences in customer preferences, saying, “First, you have to understand where the traffic is coming from. It would be critical for you to ensure the right promotion. Tomer and I have a slightly different opinion on this matter.

“You want to voice where they come from, but also give them the opportunity to have more products there, because I know that you want to plan cross-marketing at a later stage, but this is also important - and you think this is also a lot - that there is a "one place solution" or "one size solution" for everyone, and some players like it, some players like it, maybe only casinos.

“It is important to understand where you are going in order to offer the right product. The first step is to build the right website, once you have a website - that's when it's time to start clicking, start clicking - where are they looking, what provider are they looking at, where are they standing, what are they checking? Because, again, a lot of players will come and want to sign up.”

He went on to highlight the importance of understanding localization, continuing, “It’s very different from how you’re going to approach an Indian client, from a European client, from a Southeast Asian client, from a Latin American client, from an African client. You have to understand the markets they are entering in order to do localized promotion and communication properly.”

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To gain unique insights into the various tactics that bidders can use to drive greater conversions and in turn improve their overall commercial strategy and performance.

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