Scott Benton MP praises the betting industry's contribution to the economy

As the UK retail betting industry gets back on its feet, Scott Benton MP starred in a recent Betting and Gambling Board video (BGC), advertising the opening of stores.

Speaking in William Hill store in Blackpool, where he represents Blackpool South for the Conservative Party, Benton spoke about the economic contribution of the betting industry to the UK Treasury and to the country's sports infrastructure.

“I am very happy to be at William Hill here in Blackpool. Bookmakers employ thousands of people across the UK and are a key driver in getting people to take to the streets as well as spend money in local shops and businesses,” Benton noted.

“They have been closed for most of the past 12 months due to COVID, but they are now open and customers can safely enter and play a range of different sports.

“This is of course a return of millions of pounds to the Treasury to help the UK spend money on vital public services as well as support for key sports including horse racing, greyhounds and minor league football.”

The same arguments that Benton presented have been reiterated by the BGC over the past year as the UK government advances its revision of the gambling 2005 , which could lead to tighter restrictions on betting and the gaming industry.

Earlier this year, the standardization committee presented the results of the report Ernst & Young, in which focused on the monetary contribution of the betting industry to the British economy, employment and sports support.

English Football League (EFL) and its clubs have received a total of £40m from the sector, in addition to over £10m for darts and snooker and over £2.5m for rugby league.

More importantly, horse racing earns over £350 million from sponsorships, media rights and betting fee payments.

In addition, the BGC has consistently raised concerns about the potential negative effects of over-regulation on bettors, pointing out the existence of illegal black market operators and emphasizing that the regulated sector represents a "safer bet".

A source - BGC: The Betting and Gaming Council YouTube channel.

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