Challenges facing the gaming industry during the pandemic

The pandemic has presented many challenges for the gaming industry, not least for the slots sector, after casinos were forced to close.

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Kelly Ken , Director of International Relations at sports betting community

Lenin Castillo , Chief operating officer Logrand Entertainment

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Discussing the impact of slots on the growth of Strendus Casino, Castillo emphasized: “This is really very important. Since we see the platform as a form of entertainment and not just betting and gaming, slots and casinos are really relevant - they make up about 50% of our business. This has been affected by the pandemic.

“When sports betting stopped, casinos and slot machines grew. We have many sushi clients, so we offer a variety of products as an extension of their experience. Therefore, slots and casinos are really relevant.

“Now that sports betting is making a comeback, one of the challenges is maintaining the growth we have seen over the past 12 months. Hopefully we will continue to do so.”

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Learn about the role played by slot machines in the gaming industry and how they have become a source of entertainment and income for players and operators respectively.

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Source: SBC YouTube channel.

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