KSA chairman urges operators to find 'good balance' in gambling marketing

Dutch Gambling Authority (KSA) CEO René Jansen urged would-be licensed operators to find a "good balance" in marketing to Dutch players when the regulated market goes live in October.

In a blog post on the KSA website, Jansen warned that over-marketing by firms vying for market share could negatively impact the country's stance on online gambling.

“Does this mean that we will soon be facing ad bombardment? Eventually, a new market is emerging and providers will want to fight,” Jansen wrote.

“It certainly leads to active marketing. In countries around us that have previously legalized online gambling, this has led to a policy adjustment.

“In Italy, a complete ban on online gambling advertising has been introduced, and in Belgium, the possibility of advertising,” he added.

Jansen said he doesn't have a "crystal ball" for potential regulatory restrictions on marketing that may not be required.

“A Dutch player needs to be able to play safely with reliable suppliers,” Jansen explained. “Advertising is necessary to bring the player to this safe offer and repel illegal suppliers.

“So there is a field of tension. It is important for legal gambling companies to strike a good balance between enticing players on the one hand and not being annoyed on the other,” he added.

Potential Dutch operators will be subject to a number of marketing restrictions, most notably a blackout period from 6am to 9pm on so-called "riskier" gambling on TV and radio.

However, it is the responsibility of the Netherlands Media Authority to enforce this rule. Operators are also subject to standard requirements to prevent misleading marketing or solicitation of players to play online.

Jansen invited operators to draw on their experience of complying with similar marketing regulations in Belgium, Italy, Spain and the UK.

“This responsibility means not looking around the edges and advertising in a proper and responsible way,” he wrote. “We have a common interest in ensuring that online gambling is properly legalized and regulated,” Jansen concluded.