Report: 82% GAMSTOP users cut back or stop gambling altogether

According to an independent assessment, the UK's Internet Self-Exclusion Scheme, GAMSTOP, has helped 82% users stop or reduce gambling since signing up.

A report compiled by the consulting company Sonnet showed that the scheme had a high success rate after conducting surveys and interviews with more than 3,300 GAMSTOP users.

Since its inception in 2018, more than 200,000 consumers have registered with GAMSTOP.

Sonnet found that 84% respondents felt more secure from gambling-related harm and gained more control over their gambling after signing up for GAMSTOP.

In addition, 80% stated that the scheme delivered the expected results, whether it was a short break, a reduction in the volume of gambling, or a complete cessation of gambling.

77% respondents said they felt better in control of their finances, 72% reported lower levels of stress and anxiety, and 63% reported an improvement in their family relationships.

However, the report did highlight some recommendations for improving the service following user suggestions.

Longer periods of self-exclusion have been noted by 40% users, with the maximum currently set at five years.

GAMSTOP users also wanted to explore more the impact of gambling advertising on their habits, as well as respond to unlicensed gambling sites targeting self-excluded users.

In the report's conclusion, Sonnet stated, “This study very strongly shows that GAMSTOP is successful in reducing the harm associated with gambling, with far-reaching positive consequences for consumers, as clearly shown in our interviews and surveys.

"Our results show that GAMSTOP is effective for all age and gender groups and, importantly, for all types of online gambling."

Fiona Palmer, CEO of GAMSTOP, said: “We are delighted to learn that vulnerable consumers who signed up for GAMSTOP have found that it has helped them control their gambling and positively impacted their lives.

“The information contained in this report is extremely helpful and we welcome the opportunity to review all suggestions for further improvements to the service, including extending the maximum exclusion period, so that they are confident that they will benefit in the long term. the protection that GAMSTOP provides,” she added.