New gamification platform from the NBA Hall of Fame

nba hall of fame launches gamification platform
New Gamification Platform from NBA Hall of Fame 5

Kevin Garnett launched The Gaming Society , an online platform to help gamers and gamers make more informed decisions. NBA Hall of Fame launches new media company with co-founder Players 'Tribune Jamie Messler .

The new platform was announced in mid-June and featured a website that is under construction. Ultimately, he will offer exciting interactive tasks and provide relevant information that will help teach people how to bet on sports .

Main news

  • Former NBA star Kevin Garnett helped launch The Gaming Society .
  • The new gaming platform will follow sports trends to guide sports bettors .
  • Educational sports broadcast Betting Academy will focus on online betting.

Gaming Society to educate sports betting fans

The Gaming Society - it's new platform for gamification and digital content, which encourages fan participation on multiple levels. It provides information about athletes, expert advice and basic information about online gambling, mainly sports-oriented.

One of the reasons we want to implement the Gaming Society is to create smarter players. We hope to provide information and tools to help you better understand and place bets.

Kevin Garnett

What Readers Can Expect

Readers will find various content on the website to help them understand how to bet on sports online.

  • Free Membership Offer .
  • A weekly newsletter bringing together sports statistics and analytics, as well as betting experts on current sports events.
  • Link to sports podcast in their educational segment, The Betting Academy.
  • Coupon offers for free bets.
  • Promotion Betting Academy .

Betting Academy

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An offshoot of the Gaming Society is Betting Academy , a sports betting master class designed to introduce people to betting. He will offer a glossary of basic sports betting terminology as well as tips and tricks from experts.

Students can also take part in reward based competitions and interactive quizzes .

Garnett was introduced into Basketball Hall of Fame in 2020 after a 21-year NBA career that included the World Championship in 2007-08 To the Boston Celtics . Regarded as one of the best power hitters of all time, Garnett was one of only five players to win the " Most Valuable Player in the NBA and " Best Defender of the Year.

Jamie Messler , former Marketing Director Excel Sports Management , also co-founded The Players 'Tribune along with former baseball star Derek Jeter . Tribune is a sports media company that gives athletes a platform to communicate directly with their fans.

jamie messler
Jamie Messler
kevin garnett
Kevin Garnett

Learn the terms, own the court

A new betting platform endorsed by famous US sports figures is another sign that gambling came to the USA . But it's still growing. Sports betting is legal in 21 states and nine other states have yet to pass legislation. So, Garnett and Messler want to make sure new players are betting on the right leg and veterans have more tools to use.

It will be interesting to see how the Gaming Society approach works and how broad its following will be. The new platform should offer some entertainment to the world of gambling while keeping up with the growing trend.

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