Despite everything, the Tokyo Olympics are back

Against all odds, the 2020 Olympics are back

The 2020 Summer Olympics are finally here! Of course, they're a year late, and the host country doesn't exactly welcome the event with open arms.

Despite polls showing most Japanese do not want the Games and much of the country is still under COVID-19 lockdown, officials are determined to push forward start date July 23, 2021 . The closing ceremony of the Olympics will take place on Sunday, August 8.

Due to the large amount of controversy and the looming over COVID-19 event betting can be a little tricky . However, players can find Olympic odds for teams and individuals at most events. There will be many activities with more than 10,000 athletes participating.

Main news

  • The Summer Olympic Games will begin on July 23 and will begin 17 competitive days.
  • Athletes will be under strict COVID-19 protocols .
  • Betting odds many of the 339 events will be promoted.

Summer Olympics are back in 2021

tokyo 2020 summer olympic games logo

As part of the Games, 339 events are planned, including new ones. There will be 33 more than in 2016, including three on three basketball , freestyle bmx and cycling madison .

Baseball and softball will return this summer after being absent since 2008. In addition, for the first time we will see competitions in karate , sport climbing , surfing and skateboarding .

Strict COVID-19 pandemic restrictions apply

In the spring, Japan saw a second significant rise in the number of cases of the pandemic, and Tokyo is showing signs of another spread. Thus, Olympic athletes will enter the arena full of precautions.

They will be required to practice social distancing and wear masks outside of training and competition. In addition, the committee will test them at least once every four days, and they cannot compete if they test positive.

Don't expect a lot of fans in the stands. Spectators from other countries are banned, and Japan is cautious about allowing anyone to attend events. Seiko Hashimoto , President of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, commented only on this:

We need to keep this in mind... We need to avoid negatively impacting local health services. We must take this into account before agreeing on the number of viewers.

Seiko Hashimoto

Game controversy

It's not just the pandemic that's posing challenges for this year's Olympics. The hospitality sector, the athletes and even the president of the committee had difficulty launching the Games.

xenophobic misunderstanding

tokyo olympic games hotel sign for foreigners only

One of the hotels had signs posted indicating elevators "Japanese only" and "Foreigners only" in preparation for the influx of people. While their goal was to contain the spread of the virus, the message was interpreted by some as discriminatory. The hotel immediately took down the signs and issued a public apology.

Questions for athletes

Statement by a men's gymnastics coach from the University of Oklahoma Mark Williams recently sparked outrage in the Olympic community. He claimed that USA Gymnastics (USAG) refused to fully fund an Olympic substitute Allan Bauer and did not provide him with health insurance.

Sha'Curry Richardson is also in the spotlight as she will not compete in the 4×100 relay after testing positive for cannabis.

U.S. alternative Olympic gymnast Allan Bauer
Allan Bauer
olympic track and field runner sha'curry richardson
Sha'curry Richardson

Resignation of the President of the Tokyo Olympic Committee

Yoshiro Mori was forced to resign as president of the Tokyo Olympic Committee in February after he made sexist remarks. In response to the fact that only 4 of the 24 board members are women, Yoshiro said:

“If we increase the number of women on the board of directors, we have to make sure that their speaking time is somewhat limited, it is difficult for them to finish, which is annoying.”

Yoshiro Mori

Although he tried to stand firm and insist that he would not resign, public pressure to resign proved too strong. He was quickly replaced by seven-time Olympian Seiko Hashimoto, who promises to work on gender parity in the future.

Can you bet on the Tokyo Olympics?

Olympiad betting opportunities there will be a lot. Players should have access to the following:

  • Futures
  • Chances
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  • Live betting
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Olympiad chances are everywhere

One of the most popular things to bet on is the number of medals. . Below are a few tables showing what futures look like now. We expect things to change if someone tests positive for COVID-19.

Country with the most gold medals

The country Chances
USA -600
China +380
Japan +2800
Russian Olympic Committee +5000
Great Britain +6600
Germany +20000
Netherlands +20000
Australia +25000

Nation with the most medals

The country Chances
USA -900
China +600
Russian Olympic Committee +2000
Great Britain +4000
Japan +8000
Germany +20000
Australia +25000
France +25000

Watch the Olympic Games and don't miss the fun!

The 2020 Summer Olympics will be remembered by everyone, not just because they happened a year later. The event had so many setbacks it's hard to believe it finally happened . When it seemed that every chance that the Olympics would not take place, there were only a few days left before the opening ceremony in Tokyo.

You can bet that the happiest of all athletes have poured their blood, sweat and tears (some of them money) into making this dream come true. The competition will be fierce. Be sure to tune in and show your support!

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