Max Schrems: "Internet privacy policy should come from the industry"

As different countries begin to implement different rules regarding the Internet and data privacy, this creates a unique challenge for many operators who must now comply with numerous legal requirements.

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Max Schrems is a leading data privacy lawyer who is known to have launched a legal campaign against Facebook for violating privacy laws such as transferring data to United States National Security Agency (ANB) and violation of European rules.

In addition, Schrems has been involved in lawsuits against technology companies such as Amazon and Apple Music, and is also the founder of a non-profit organization. NOYB - None Of Your Business.

At a recent Internet Vikings webinar Schrems provided an overview of European and US legislation regarding online privacy and data, highlighting increased Internet regulation, what this could mean for businesses, and what "practical steps" these businesses could take.

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Leading - Chris Muntz

Leading - Peter Ekmark , general manager Internet Vikings

Leading - Stefan Telberg , founder and CEO Holm Security

Speaker — Max Schrems, founder of NOYB

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“On a global scale, the Internet has been unregulated for a long time,” Schrems said. “Essentially, it was a virtual space that the law believed was beyond national borders. Now we're seeing the opposite, we're seeing more and more rules governing everything online everywhere, and every country is doing it in parallel, not usually in a coordinated fashion.

“We will see more and more laws and it will be more and more conflicting. I think this will lead to more data localization for sure, because as a company you just can't follow two or three rules at the same time if they contradict each other.”

He added: “It is not realistic to say that at least in the European Union we have managed to create one system with GDPR and other areas are similar so there is not much discrepancy, but then in the Chinese market they will require you to move forward. they're all data and that basically results in different systems being separated in some way, which is not desirable, but I think it's going to happen more and more often.

"I hope we get some Western countries that say 'no spy agreement' or whatever you want to call it, which says 'OK, we all agree that there can be free flow of data, but we also agree that we will have these basic guarantees not to spy on each other like crazy.” I think this is the only way forward, but it has to go beyond the industry, especially in the US.”

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To hear from seasoned data rights and privacy lawyers on the future of Internet regulation and the impact it could have on businesses.

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