Calvin Eyre: In the next decade, the gaming industry will run on the blockchain

Cryptocurrency in particular bitcoin , has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity among both investors and consumers in recent years, and the gambling industry draws on this attention, as detailed by the founder of AyreGroup and CoinGeek Calvin Air.

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In conversation with Becky Liggero Fontana on the latest episode of Hashing It Out, Eyre discussed the integration of cryptocurrencies in a number of industries, including its growing adoption as a payment method in the betting and gambling industry.

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Hosted by Becky Liggero Fontana, CoinGeek

Guest - Calvin Eyre, Founder of AyreGroup and CoinGeek

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Referring to Ayre's decision to shut down his crypto news website, Fontana remarked, “This is a real statement about how excited you are about Bitcoin and how much the gambling industry actually fits into what's going on with Bitcoin. There is no need to have two different news sites, all news on CoinGeek, because the gambling industry will also become integrated with this technology.”

Eyre responded: “Not only this industry, but all industries that use data will be integrated. My prediction is everything exciting that will happen in the next 10 years in online gaming - except for the games themselves - but everything else, in doing business, running a business, paying a business - it will all be done on the blockchain.

“But the decision to shut it down ( was actually my realization that there was no longer a need to have another site, because all the fun stuff that appeals to me too – of course, all the innovation and madness – happens on CoinGeek” .

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Hear from one of the most experienced members of the cryptocurrency space on the ongoing development of the sector and the adoption of digital technologies in a number of industries, including the betting and gaming sector.

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Source - CoinGeek YouTube channel

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