The Biggest Online Gambling Trends in 2021

online gambling trends in 2021
The Biggest Online Gambling Trends in 2021 9

The development of technology and the formation of trust are driving the online gambling industry and will continue to grow in 2021. The player experience will continue to improve with the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency payments, advances in smartphone technology and real-world gaming. phenomenon.

As more people become addicted to online casinos, legal doors will open in the US and other countries. OUSC experts drew attention to what is happening in the industry and highlighted Top 5 Online Gambling Trends for 2021 . Find out what they are.

Main news

  • In 2021 The online gambling industry will continue to grow.
  • High-tech features and portability change the rules of the game.
  • Cryptocurrency will become preferred payment method .

Trends in online gambling

The growth of online gambling is undeniable and its future is promising. The driving forces remain the same. Continued advances in computer and communications technology, as well as the growing acceptance of gambling as a regular pastime , continue to make online betting increasingly popular.

Growth of online casinos and bookmakers

Both real money online casinos and sportsbooks have increased their market share significantly in recent years. The trend in the US is particularly clear. Casey Clark, Senior Vice President, American Gaming Association , stated the following:

Over 100 million people live in the state where gambling is now legal. Less than three years ago, this was only in Nevada.

Casey Clark

Expect in the coming months the industry will benefit from further innovation and integration . More people will enjoy more accessible gambling sites, newer games, more choices, and more immersive experiences.

Gambling trends in 2021

There are specific areas where growth and progress will be seen throughout the year. Here are the trends to watch pay attention in 2021:

Growth in the number of cryptocurrency casinos

online casino with cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has become so popular in online commerce that websites online gambling have made cryptocurrency an important form of payment . This form of payment offers the speed and security that sites and players prefer.

As the popularity of virtual currency and internet gambling grows, expect to see more crypto casinos, many of which do cryptocurrency as the only form of payment .

Mobile gambling

mobile gambling online

Mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry and much of this has to do with online gambling.

With the development of 5G technology, more people will have faster access to betting sites. Such things as in-game betting, give players a more fun experience.

Live Dealer Games

live dealer icon

Look for technologies that will change the rules of the game. In recent years, online casinos have introduced live dealer games to give users a more realistic casino experience. In these games you will meet face to face with the dealer and other players .

More gambling sites should follow this trend by offering their own live casinos, and the online casinos that already have them are likely to add more games.

New game portfolios with VR and AR

new online casino games with vr and ar

Now the casinos are starting to do step forward by offering virtual reality and augmented reality games . These settings bring players with equipment an even more immersive experience in various games.

Soon more sites will allow players to put on a headset and explore all the casinos as if they were there.

Land-based casinos in decline

plexiglass barriers land based casinos

Last year Covid-19 hit Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other land-based casinos where tourists flocked to enjoy gambling as part of their holiday. Some of this business will no doubt return.

But as people begin to trust an online product more, it will be difficult to ignore the cost, convenience, and privacy concerns.

Where can I gamble online?

We have listed some of the best legit online casinos below. offering high quality gaming experience.

las atlantis header logo

Las Atlantis

Las Atlantis is one of the latest online casinos introduced in 2020 . It has jumped on the trend by offering players cryptocurrency deposits, live dealer games, and access to dozens of games.

Casino licensed in Curacao , a jurisdiction known for strict adherence to the principles of fairness for players. It also uses state-of-the-art security through SSL encryption.

wild casino header logo

Wild Casinos

Wild Casino is a little older, founded in 2017, but also located on top of the latest offerings . This place has six live dealer games, including access from all types of mobile devices.

He accepts bitcoin and other standard payment systems , and is trusted by the gaming community as a sister site to the long established BetOnline casino.


The Future of Online Gambling in the USA

As the popularity of online real money gaming continues to grow, innovation will follow in the market, especially in the US. More and more people join the online gambling movement and have a brighter and more exciting experience.

The Biggest Online Gambling Trends of 2021 message first appeared on US online casinos.