Europa League final odds

Although Manchester United failed to make it to the EUFA Champions League final this coming weekend, it seemed that Manchester United had renewed their passions in an attempt to reach the Europa League final. After five wins and two draws leading up to the semi-final, they were able to take the win and beat Roma to reach the final today against Villarreal. United are also aiming to become the fourth team to win another Europa League title after defeating Ajax in 2017.

The match kicks off at 20:00 Moscow time at the Gdansk Stadium in Gdansk, Poland, but who is the favorite to win and what are the odds?

The Panthers have already placed good chances at United given how strong they have been throughout the tournament - having scored 18 goals in their first eight matches, eight of which were against Roma in the semi-finals, they certainly look to be in good shape. . A lot of attention will be on the 34-year-old Cavani, who has scored two goals in each leg of the semi-finals against Roma and has converted in seven of the last 10 games. He certainly looks like the kind of player who will join forces.

That's not to say that Villarreal didn't look fit either - with good attacking records, having scored at least two goals in the last nine of their thirteen games, they're certainly in great shape too. While Moreno and Alcácer lead the team in scoring, twelve different players have contributed to the team's success and can play a major role in where goalscoring opportunities are presented, which is why some players favored Villarreal winning the final, and since Unai Emery already lifted the Europa League trophy three times, there is a lot of motivation to do it again.

Regardless of who you root for, it will be a close game, both teams have been looking very strong lately - some players have over-under 2.5 goals and although United have scored at least once in 16 play-off matches in a row outside the game. England, Villarreal. 12 Europa League games outside of Spain. The winning streak makes many prefer the Spaniards. The player's current odds put United as a 4/11 favorite, but anything can happen and there is certainly an exciting game ahead of us that could be very upsetting if the Spanish team proves strong.

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