Gambling Commission: Reveals the evolving relationship between contactless payments and gaming

According to the latest data from the Gambling Commission, using cash gives consumers more control over their spending.

The data details that a significant proportion of consumers view cash as the most efficient way to keep track of the money they are spending on gambling, as 79% of those surveyed detailed that they believe it helps them control the speed of their spending.

However, 85% land players have stated that they believe a cashless payment method such as a debit card or mobile phone makes it easier for them to spend a large amount on gambling.

However, the surge in contactless payments is driven by consumer demand as many new trends emerge to open up the retail sector and minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

In a recent interview with SBC, Brad Hyett, CEO of Phos, the fintech company behind the world's first software-only point of sale (SoftPoS), highlighted in an interview with Payment Expert why he believes the growth of contactless technology will only intensify over time. as we move beyond the pandemic.

He stated, "Consumers are constantly craving improvements, whether it's checkout, reduced waiting time in line, or the way they can interact and actually pay for something, even if it comes down to leaving the store without even deleting them." wallet out of pocket, which we have already seen in several places.

“Interacting with the contactless stream is very simple: the ability to get a phone or a card and just tap, pay and go is greatly improved when using a PIN code. It's a big improvement when you insert your card into another person's device, especially when you're unfamiliar with the brand, the idea of holding on to what's yours is something that people feel comfortable with"

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