Double Espresso Show: Considering Game Mechanics and Regulation in Slots

Slots remain one of the most visible sectors in the gambling industry, both in land-based and online verticals, and developers are constantly striving to introduce the most modern and exciting game mechanics.

In addition, as in other segments of the betting and gaming industry, slot machines also regularly face obstacles and challenges in the form of regulatory changes, such as the revision of the UK Government gambling 2005 years or recent events in Germany with the adoption Fourth Interstate Gambling Treaty .

In a special edition Double Espresso Show as part Groove Gaming and BetConstruct AMS flight casinoBeats Slots Festival, SBC Founder and CEO, Rasmus Sojmark, discussed these topics with two experienced leaders in the slot industry.

Commenting on his company's approach to game mechanics and development, Fredrik Elmquist , general manager Yggdrasil Gaming , stated: “We want to have a wide and not exactly the same portfolio of mechanics, so giigablox works with large blocks and has a special implementation experience.

“It's not just the mechanics, but the experience that comes with it, and anyone making a gigablock game should follow and be bound by those guidelines. For splits it is the same, it adds volatility to special spins, which is very important. MultiMax was actually a completely unique mechanic that was first launched in Multifly! the game."

Turning to the topic of regulation, David Mann , chief commercial director Swintt , was interested in the recent changes in Germany: “Regarding the proposed turnover tax - it seems that the main discussions will have a negative impact on RTP and games, which will simply turn players towards unregulated sites.

“It increases the risk for the players. There will probably always be a couple of brands that are more respected and well regarded in more gray areas. But you want players to have a trustworthy experience, you want them to really connect with the casino.”

Elmquist shared these concerns, stating, "We like to believe that there is a good balance in giving players the opportunity to win money - good for the players and good for the industry."

“I don’t really think that a regulator should even interfere with things like how design works, when you can show a coin splash and so on. I think it's complete over-regulation."

Double Espresso Show, hosted in partnership with GamblingTV, focuses on expert advice and key insights from leading industry experts in an interview with our CEO, Rasmus Soymark. More great interviews will follow in the coming weeks and months.

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