UKGC data: 76% people watched gambling ads on TV in 2020

According to the latest figures released by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), three-quarters (76%) of the UK population have seen gambling ads on television during 2020.

The survey, conducted by Yonder Consulting, collected a nationally representative sample of approximately 8,000 adults aged 18 and over across the UK.

Participants were interviewed during March, June, September or December 2020 as data was collected during national or local lockdowns to investigate ad prevalence during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Television advertising (76%) was the most common type of gambling marketing observed by participants during this period, followed by gambling sponsorship through television, radio, or podcasts (67%).

According to the survey, the third most common form of exposure was the sponsorship of gambling with sporting goods, including football jerseys, among 60% participants.

The UKGC said the study was carried out to help understand the cumulative impact of all advertising activities on consumers.

It states: “The impact of gambling advertising could have been potentially exacerbated by the pandemic, with many people staying at home more, watching live TV, spending more time online and on social media, and seeing their financial situation change.

“We need to be clear that our official gambling statistics do not indicate an increase in the number of gambling during the pandemic, rather the opposite. Similarly, we are not seeing an increase in problem gambling at the population level.

“However, anyone interested in gambling trends should be aware of the potential risks of advertising exposure to different populations,” he added.

The full review is available here.