ESI Digest: Digital Sticker Albums Could Be a Huge Commercial Success

In the latest release ESI Digest tells about Panini's recent entry into the esports market, collaboration Aim Labs With Rainbow Six Siege Esports, multi-year Team Liquid agreement with Verizon and much more.

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tom daniels, assistant editor Esports Insider

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Referring to Super League's recent collaboration with sticker and trading card company Panini, Daniels began: Riot Games. league ecosystem.

“The sticker album, according to the release, is expected to show players, coaches and team shields and kits or even the stadiums they play in, as well as talk about the history of the Super League.

“I really think it's a really interesting partnership to see this album of digital stickers made available to Super League fans and it will be very interesting to see if more collaborations like this happen in the future.

“While the sticker album can only be digital, once completed, fans will be able to purchase the physical version with all the stickers.

“Overall, I think if this is a commercial success for LVP and Panini, you can definitely see more partnerships in this direction, integrated with the likes of the LEC and all of their history, as well as with all the other big leagues.”

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