Dutch regulator signs memorandum of understanding with UK Gambling Commission

The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the UK Gaming Commission (UKGC) to support each other in meeting regulatory challenges.

The deal will include an exchange of general information and a discussion of best practices.

Regulators will also share specific enforcement and licensing information in an effort to achieve the common goal of fighting crime, protecting players and preventing gambling addiction.

KSA Chairman René Jansen signed an agreement with the Dutch regulator and Deputy General Manager Sarah Gardner put pen to paper for the UKGC.

Jansen said: “Such an MoU forms a good basis for knowledge sharing, cooperation and the smooth exchange of information.

“Gambling providers are also receiving a clear signal that cooperation is taking place on an international level.

“Online gambling transcends boundaries and therefore it is important that executives work together,” he added.

KSA has previously entered into similar MoUs with regulators in France, Malta, Sweden and Belgium.