Encouraged John Levy reacts to landmark decision in Canada

encouraged theScore CEO, John Levy , gave an exclusive interview to Fox Business, in which he described Canadian lawmakers' decision to legalize single sports betting as something they have "dreamed of for years".

This was because the Toronto-based firm quickly pitched the idea to potential clients in its hometown.

Following the Senate vote to pass Bill C-218, the company placed three billboards along the Gardiner Expressway in downtown Toronto and also placed them in Yonge Dundas Square.

The campaign is being used to share the company's enthusiasm that its mobile sports betting product, theScore Bet, will be available to fans in its home province. An expansion of online sports betting in Ontario is expected to begin later this year.

Speaking to Fox, Levy stated: “This is something we have planned and dreamed of for a whole bunch of years, even back in the days when we launched our television network and used this passionate sports enthusiasm.

“We knew a lot of our fans were betting on sports and we got into the game when PASPA dropped. e have already been launched in four US states and have been waiting in the wings, hoping the same will happen in Canada and then boom, last night, after a huge effort from industry leaders.”

"Now it's going to the provinces, each of the provinces governs and regulates sports betting, and it's exciting as hell, especially for a firm like ours where Canada is our home."

Aubrey Levy , senior vice president of marketing and content, added: “The passage of C-218 represents a significant milestone for Canada. We have been looking forward to and preparing for the legalization of sports betting on selected events, and now we are excited to celebrate this moment in our home city of Toronto.

“These billboards are the start of our provincial marketing campaign as we look to expand online sports betting in Ontario, expected to begin later this year. We can't wait to introduce millions of theScore fans and users to our mobile sports betting product, theScore Bet.”

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