VanEgmond: European operators need a US partner to fill the "marketing funnel"

As a growing number of European betting operators seek to strengthen their position in the ever-expanding US sports betting market, David VanEgmond argued that these companies should strengthen partnerships with US firms to fill their "marketing funnel".

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An experienced figure in the US sports betting industry, David VanEgmond has served in two positions as Executive Vice President of FanDuel , served as head of strategy and corporate development in Barstool Sports, where he oversaw the sale of shares Penn National Gaming, and is currently the founder and CEO of Bettor Capital .

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David VanEgmond, founder and CEO of Bettor Capital

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Discussing Penn National Gaming's acquisition of Barstool Sports, Van Egmond asked what emerging brands he sees as the most exciting online sports betting brands in the US, with varying responses.

He began: “I think there are several, and some of them have filled in the gaps over the past few years. First, you had Void Gaming, but they decided to merge with FanDuel. You had the old Twin Rivers that did a deal with Bally's and transformed their business and subsequently formed a media partnership with Sinclar.

“You certainly have other, smaller casino operators, perhaps without Penn National's national presence, but you have casino groups that are in a couple of states, and casino groups even in one state that are trying to follow the online market. games. . Some people like Parks from Pennsylvania, they have been launched in several states under the Parks brand. But does anyone in Michigan know the Parks? Probably not, so it will be difficult to succeed with this brand.

“There are a few groups like this that are obviously looking for online gaming, but building a national business probably needs a media brand. I think you see companies from Europe - be it 888 or Sports Illustrated They don't have any support so I think they need an American brand. I think there are many other potential contenders and companies are trying to make deals to fill this gap in their brand and in what I would call the 'marketing funnel'."

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To gain insight into the dynamics of the US sports betting and gambling industry, the latest developments as the sector continues to grow, and hear the views of an experienced executive in marketing, branding and commercial strategy, among other areas.

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Source - YouTube channel of the Business of Betting podcast

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